Example of pet portraits

Pet portraits are always a fun way to honor our furry loved-ones. This will be customized to your color scheme and style of art.

Example of Aerial Photos of plots of land

I use google earth as a guide, break the image down into shapes then with your preferred color scheme create a one of a kind composition. These pieces were created to commemorate the farms that a grandmother had lived on; one where she grew up and the other where she raised her own family. The colors have special meanings within the map. I absolutely love creating art that has deep meaning but it isn't known on the surface, it is like knowing a secret code.

Traditional Family Photos

More traditional Family Photos are a popular option and always causes a smile.

Example of Line Photos of weddings

These line drawings of weddings are wildly popular with those who are wanting a modern vibe. If you have grown tired of the wedding photos you had printed after your big day, this is a beautiful upgrade.

Examples of line drawing of pets

What a stunning way to honor your love of your pets! We will discuss in your consultation if you want this finished with resin which makes this a show stopper!

Example of painting of wedding bouquet

You loved your wedding bouquet, include it in your wedding bouquet!

Painting of childhood home example

Part of growing up means leaving your childhood home, remember if forever by adding it to your wall.

Example of loved one’ clothing

My favorite shirt that my grandma would wear was a blue shirt with white and red polka-dots. I recreated the pattern in a very painterly style. A pattern would make an excellent accent piece or the color scheme that we base your whole gallery wall on!

Example of abstract landscapes

Oh my word, these are so much fun! I love to take a special image of a landscape and create a fully abstract interpretation. So beautiful, what a conversation piece!

Example of geometric paintings

Geometric Paintings are a fun way to integrate your color scheme and create rhythm.

Maps of Special Places

Maps are one of my very favorite muses. This is a map of Colorado with some flair.

Favorite flower

Your favorite flower is an excellent focal point for your gallery wall.

Example of Vacation photo paintings

Vacation photos make beautiful paintings and bring about the fondest family memories.

Example of lettering

Lettering is a great personal touch. Your favorite quote, your family name, anything!