How the process works

  1. You sign up for a free consultation and you meet with Bri!
    During this time we will meet via zoom or in person to discuss the space you are wanting to bring alive, your color scheme, your likes and dislikes and the overall vibe you hope to bring to your space.
  2. Bri’s work begins
    Bri will create a general mockup of what your space will look like, begin creating art just for you. You can be as involved in this process as you want, if you would like to approve each piece of artwork, great. If you would like to be surprised by seeing the collection in its entirety, that’s great too!
  3. Bri and her team will come to your home to install your collection.
    The team at Bri Hill Creative is highly professional, and will install each piece of art. Currently we are only serving clients in Colorado with some limited availability to the Kansas City region but if you are interested, reach out, we travel often and could potentially make it work geographically.