If you have additional questions feel free to email me!  info@brihillcreative.com
1. How do I order an original?
Original artwork is available on my website under originals. If you would like to be updated on new releases please sign up for my mailing list.
2. Can I commission a painting? 
I create a small number of commission pieces each year. If you are interested in commissioning a piece please send an email to winnie@brihillcreative.com and she will get the ball rolling. We have an open call for commissions several times a year. We will send email notifications announcing our open calls and we close the cart after a certain number of days. Make sure you join our email list to be notified about Commission Open Calls!
3. Can you explain the print details?
All art reproductions are gallery quality and are printed to order.  If you are interested in having prints hand treated with a topcoat (added brushstrokes which makes them look even more original) or resin (shiny, hard, glass-like finish) it is an additional cost.  Please email info@brihillcreative.com if you need more information. 
4. How do I receive the art I ordered?
It will be shipped to your door or you can pick up original/commission art from my studio in Stratton, Colorado to avoid all shipping fees. 
5. Can you explain your returns process?
Every order, commission, and sale is handled with individual care and as much clarity and transparency as possible when processing the order. My goal is for you to be completely thrilled with your made-to-order purchase!  Because each item is made to order, all sales are final except in certain situations.  Please email: winnie@brihillcreative.com. Please take the time to read descriptions carefully and the check colors on multiple screens if you are concerned about color variations. I try my best to represent the colors and tones in my work honestly and clearly.
6. Do you offer workshops or classes?
As a teacher, I also love instructing and inspiring adults. If you are interested in attending a retreat or workshop where my skills will be featured, sign up for my mailing list or send a query to info@brihillcreative.com 
7. I am a retailer or gallery and want to carry your work. How do I go about acquiring it to sale?
I am honored you are interested in displaying and selling my artwork in your gallery or shop. Please send me an email to discuss at  winnie@brihillcreative.com. 
8. Do you work with interior designers?
I love working with designers because I love helping people express personal style through their space’s story. I offer a designer discount on high quality prints.  Please email info@brihillcreative.com to set up a personalized coupon code for my shop. I do not offer discounts on original paintings nor do I allow my work to be marked up without consent.
I love working with bloggers, editors, stylists, and writers!  There are many images on my site that you are free to use for your editorial piece.  Please credit both me & my photographers.
If you have any questions, please email me info@brihillcreative.com. I am always open to interviews and love sharing my story with the world! 
10. Do you take on collaborations with other brands or companies?
I often work with companies I really believe in to create content or give my creative reviews on life & work relevant products. if you are interested in partnering with me for content creation/reviews email info@brihillcreative.com 
10. Do you license your work?
I love to work with manufacturers and brands who align with my core values and sense of style. I have enjoyed creating subject-specific collections as well as individual pieces for product development. Please contact Winnie if you would like more information winnie@brihillcreative.com 
13.  Are you single?
Just kidding, no one asks that. But no, I am married to a semi-okayish guy. 
14. Can you explain the Copyright information on your art?
All artwork is copyright © Bri Hill Creative. Even if you bought an original piece, Bri Hill Creative maintains and owns the copyright to the piece of artwork through the United States Trademark and Patent Office. Bri Hill Creative retains all rights to all artwork Bri Hill Creative create. This includes the rights to the image of sold & commissioned original paintings. Bri Hill Creative retains the right to make REPRODUCTIONS OF ANY AND ALL ARTWORK BRI HILL CREATIVE CREATES UNLESS THE COLLECTOR HAS PURCHASED THE FULL OR PARTIAL RIGHTS TO THE ARTWORK (this is in addition to purchasing the original).  
The Collector or buyer may not reproduce the artwork in any way without written permission. If the artwork ends up being reproduced in a magazine or other media please credit Bri Hill Creative.
Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing full or partial rights to your painting.  Some collectors chose to purchase my right to reproduce the artwork to ensure it will never become a print.