Bri Hill Kastner has been around the world, and is now back in her hometown of Stratton, Colorado;  population (I kid you not) 650. 

She has always been a creative soul but after becoming a mom and struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression she began creating again as a means of reclaiming herself, both in writing and art. 

She started with commission projects and soon developed her own style that has been sought after the world over.  Bri’s art is inspired by her deep roots in rural agriculture and finding beauty in simplicity. As a 5th generation Colorado rancher, Bri grew up spending her summers teaching animals to lead and baking bread with her grandma for her 4-H projects. 

In those early years, she developed a curiosity that drives her to identify the essence of what is, and reflect it, a unique melding of what is sacred and what is irreverent. She is both refined and raw. This unique blend transfers beautifully into her work and explains why her art speaks to the heart; she is a light that shines on all things and her work reflects this. 

In addition to “arting”, as her toddler calls it, writing, and wrangling tiny humans, she also teaches art to middle and high school students in her hometown. After teaching special education for seven years, teaching art is a delight. She and her mother worked to create her communities first celebration of local artists and was featured here

Bri loves that moment getting into a warm car after being in a place with too much AC.  She loves traveling, eating good food, finding new ways to incorporate cheese into her daily diet, fancy cocktails, snuggling her babies, making her husband laugh, her rescue dog Gladys, family meals, colorful hats, and brand new art supplies. 

Her writing has been featured on; Scary Mommy, Pregnant Chicken, The Mighty as well as other publications. Her artwork can be found on Instagram, and at tradeshows such as NYNOW.