Using Art Resin on Prints


As an artist, selling more prints is a constant goal.  As a consumer, I don’t like buying prints because I don’t want to have to pay for framing which, in many cases, comes at a much higher cost than the print itself. Honestly, am I the only one who has a pile of art waiting to be framed?

I started using resin over my original work over a year ago, which has elevated my pieces overall but often my clients aren’t excited to pay the price of original work and the added cost of resin.

Things really took off for me in my business when I started using Art Resin over my prints. My clients love to buy these and directly incorporate them into their space without waiting to have them framed.

Here is a simple break-down of how I do this;

I have resined prints on both sides of the wood panel.  If you are looking for a polished, modern look, I recommend putting the print on the flat, traditional front side.  If you want the piece to stand alone and have what looks like a frame, flip it over and use the backside.

For this example, I used the backside.

I first painted the entire back with white paint, you could also use stain. I then sealed the inner portion with a gloss gel medium.  I do this because sometimes when using wood, I have had off-gassing problems causing cloudiness in my resin.  I also use gel medium as my adhesive on these smaller pieces.  I recommend NOT using gel medium as an adhesive for the larger pieces.

I place my print directly onto the wet gel medium and then coat the entire top with more. I let this dry for a day but since I live in a very dry climate, I could have probably just waited a couple of hours.

I then followed the regular resin steps which are wonderfully highlighted here.

I have been asked many times why I choose to use Art Resin.  It is on the higher end of the price epoxy products and it is the only one I will use.  Honestly, I have tried using other hardened clear coats and these are the three reasons my heart (and work) belongs to Art Resin.

  1. The smell.  Art Resin has little to no smell, seriously.  I get no headache when working with this product and don’t feel like I am killing brain cells either. 
  2. The quality. There is no yellowing and no cloudiness, it honestly just makes my work pop with a clean, modern feeling.
  3. Customer experience. I am not going to lie, using resin in any form can be difficult and I have needed help more than a few times but Art Resin’s website with instructional videos, their resin calculator and their actual PHONE NUMBER you can call for help have saved me so so so many times.


A wood surface

Your quality print

Archival adhesive (or gel medium)

Sponge brush

Gel medium

Painter’s Tape




Stir stick

Graduated disposable cups

Cover for surface

A level or a level app

Art Resin

If you have questions about my work or the resin process, please reach out!